Would Push Alert work with Glides Pages/Apps

Recently found out about Push Alert push notification process.
The image below explains their requirements.

My question is, can this be implemented in Glide Apps?

Problem has always been that iOS does not allow for notifications from web apps. Android always has allowed for it.

The problem is not about getting Glide on board. It’s about getting Apple to stop being so stubborn.


This is unfortunate but I’d still like to know if it can be done.

A lot of Android users out here :smiley:

There is already very limited notifications for comments and chat within glide apps. Basically, if you commented on something in the app, and someone else replied while you weren’t viewing that screen, then you should get a notification on Android devices.

This sums up how it currently works:

While their are a lot of Android devices out there, there are also a lot of Apple devices. Personally I think it would be bad practice for Glide to implement more notification functionality that’s only supported by half the devices out there. This forum would be flooded with complaints from those not getting notifications to work on their iOS devices. They wouldn’t understand that it’s Apple’s fault, not Glide. In reality, it would be better to wait for Apple to provide support. Otherwise it will just lead to a lot of confusion for users.


I’m going to have to agree with you. It would make things difficult for the Glide Team.

Guess I’ll have to stick with email notifications

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Is this working? I tried and didn’t get notification.

so - if Glide implemented notification - why don’t we have an action to send notification?

Is what working? The very limited notifications we have now? It’s been a very long time since I tested it. How did you test it? What kind of device are you using?

I explained in my previous post why we don’t have an action to send a notification.

I tried adding a comment thread and a chat, and then replied from a different user, but never got any notification. (i’m using a xiomi android device)
At what point do you ask for permissions? I was also never asked for permissions to receive notifications.

Also, as far as I know, since ios 16 it’s also possible to send browser notifications to ios devices.

I read this article yesterday iOS 16.4 will let web apps on your homescreen send push notifications

Seems like Apple will allow it.


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