Newbie questions

Hello to all the Community, a few questions (basics) about glide…

1- Can glide apps be uploaded to the app store?
2- do glide applications send push notifications? as it does?
3- the “pro app” subscription is totally white label?

Thank you

  1. Only if you are willing to search for third parties that will help you get it published. Publishing to an app store is not natively supported by Glide and functionality is not guaranteed.
  2. Notifications are restricted due to Apple not allowing them at all. There is some very minor notification support for Android but mostly for comments or chat. Apple/IOS is the holdup here.
  3. Pro will allow you to remove all glide branding and use or own domain provider.

Hi Jeff thanks for your quick answer.
about the number 2, Okay so in apple are restricted, but in Android how it works? or what is the best option to supplant push notifications?

It’s nothing you can really control in android. Like I said, it’s only limited to comments and chat.

This was one of my first question when i joined too and i have gone through numerous threads around it since last few weeks.

But this video interview of David what i bumped into yesterday made things more clear on the answer given by Jeff.

STOP trying to build the next TikTok! - Interview with David Seigel CEO of Glide - YouTube



You can utilize One Signal to send notifications for your iOS app.


I heard good things about OneSignal but never got a chance to configure it, can we let’s say have a notification sent to only specific devices at 7AM daily?

I’m very interested in building this into my app, it’s it’s technically feasible. Anyone have any experience? It would be a game changer for some Glide apps :star2:

This one is quite hard as you’ll have to create segments based on specific users phones ID…

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Do you know how do they get the device ID? Do we have to do something on our part?

Nope, however we should manage to get a way to link user A with device 123, and that’s the most tricky part…

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I don’t think this will work with iOS?

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It’s actually made for iOS notifications :slight_smile:

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Well I’d be extremely surprised but also delighted. Please share how because AFAIK that is just not possible with WebKit on iOS.

Have a read on that :

From what I see one signal is a very important tool (and well recognized) allowing devs to send push notifications to users.

Unfortunately that is the SDK version and not suitable for use with a PWA. This is because Apple simply does not support push in WebKit and all iOS browsers must use WebKit (even Chrome).

Thanks for your information, but using « alternative » platforms such as Thunkable or Kodika… that can be a great work-around to send push notifications. Don’t you agree ?

Maybe but not to a PWA on iOS I’m afraid.

I think there’s a misunderstanding here, I not saying that it’s possible to send any notification to an iOS device through OneSignal in a PWA. I’m saying that it’s possible to do so if you publish your app on the apple store and create notifications credentials with the help of X-Code on your developper account :slight_smile:


Yes I can see that for sure :+1: