Are there any alternative push notifications?

Hi Gliders,
To start, I am using the Glide Apps free plan.
For our church, (where I am a volunteer) I am building an app where church members can submit prayer requests. (For now)
The idea is, that later we will build out the app further but for now, we start with prayer requests first.
We would like to have some kind of notification system in it for when a new user has registered, when there is a new prayer request submitted, or when a prayer was answered.
I know that with Glide Apps it is not possible to use push notifications.
But are there other ways to get some kind of push notification working?
For now, these notifications are only meant for one or two people and not everyone that is registered.
Because it is for our church and everyone is an unpaid volunteer, there is hardly any budget.
That is also the reason why for now, we are using the free plan.
It would be nice if the push notification alternative is free or very cheap.
I know that it would have limitations but maybe we could work around them.
I think it should be possible with email notifications, but I am not sure if there is any limitation on this. Push notifications would be nicer.
I hope some of you could share your thoughts or experience with me.
I know that one time I had read something about some alternative or something like an app that could act like a push notification, but I am not able to find that post anymore.

Many thanks in advance for all your tips and trick. :slight_smile:

You can do email or text notifications. There’s no push notifications with Glide.