does anyone know when and/or how long it’s going to take to include notifications with this software. I’m disappointed that there isn’t any notification option when we are creative “apps” that is a critical part of doing business. I came across somewhere there are maybe some options available for in app notifications. can anyone explain that?

Sure you can do notifications.
You can do email notifications and text notifications out of the box.
With a little bit of work you can do notifications via WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, or pretty much anything else that has an API you can post messages to.
You can even do in-app notifications by employing some CSS tricks.
The one thing you can’t do (yet) is push notifications. But that’s never been a Glide limitation - it’s always been because Apple did not support push notifications for PWAs. That’s changing, so I expect it’s only a matter of time before we also have that option.


With as much as we talk about notifications here in the forum, I’m really surprised we’re still getting new posts about why notifications aren’t a thing yet in Glide…


Someone needs to build an app that nocode can connect to using APIs with the sole purpose of doing push notifications. If it’s a native app that would do the trick, right?

There’s probably stuff out there already, but it would still require each and every end user to install a separate native app as a supplement to the nocode app, wouldn’t it?

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Ya, it would. Just speculating out loud. :slight_smile:


can you show me how send your zoom link