Push Notification Being Moved to Preview

Hey Yall!

I wanted to give everyone a heads up RE Push Notifications. As many of you know push notifications have become a big focus of Glide in the past weeks. There is a lot of work being done behind the scenes. As a result of our continued efforts to create a better experience for our users, we are moving this feature behind the “Preview Features” toggle.

  • Apps that are already using this feature will not be affected
  • To use this feature for other apps or new apps, you will need to enable the integration in the team’s Previews panel.
  • This will occur sometime next week.


I’m unsure as to the timeline which this feature will be released from Preview Features, but I will keep yall up to date as I know more.


Hi where can i acess this “team’s Previews panel” page?

Your Projects Dashboard, top right hand corner…


I have enabled beta push notifications, but still cannot find the integration from inside my app settings

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How does Glide decide which instance of the app to notify when the receiving user is logged in on multiple devices.

Currently I am only being notified on my desktop chrome browser, but i need them pushed to my android phone that is using chrome.

I believe that you have to have it on your home screen as an “app” for the push notifications to work on mobile, but I could be mistaken… The Push Notifications also have to be enabled per device, so that might be another reason as well.

I had a similar issue some time ago… I ended up adding two more columns with conditions per device, this way the user would be prompted to re-enable PN’s if you decided to log in on a tablet or desktop. @Adam_Crossley

Permissions are definitely granted, and I have it on my home screen inside a folder.

hmmm :thinking:

Hmm, thats a tough one then… I know if I’m logged in on my desktop, my mobile doesn’t get the notifications. Have you tried logging out on your desktop to see if you receive them then?

More curious at this point… Lol

I logged out and it still notified my computer. However in order to do this test I had to be logged into the Glide dashboard.