Push Notifications Not Working

I am currently working on a project that has push notifications integrations enabled. I go through the traditional steps of installing app to homescreen > requesting notification permission > results get sent to boolean column. However, if I have enabled push notifications on my device, I am not receiving them. I cannot find a reason as to why this isn’t working. I am on a Glide Business plan and have many updates left. There is one thing that is throwing me off - the “send push notification” box within the custom actions menu has a red outline around it when not editing the configuration fields. My thoughts would be that this indicates an error. Can someone please help me with this?

We had an error today. Appears to have been a glitch. All of the integrations listed in settings disappeared and our push notification blocks in actions disappeared. While this happened push notifications were’t processing.

A few hours later everything seemed back to normal.

This could possibly be part of the problem.:man_shrugging:

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The notifications are working now with no changes being made. I do think it was a bug.


We’re still seeing no notifications on mobile and 4 duplicate notifications on desktop


Check your iPhone settings and ensure notifications are allowed by respective users.

Notifications are allowed and were working fine until a couple of weeks ago. I believe the Glide team are aware of an issue. Waiting on an update.

Yeah my notifications aren’t working anymore. There was a brief period of time where they were. Hopefully the team is aware of the issue. This feature is definitely a game changer.

Can we at least get a confirmation from the “team” that they are aware and working on this issue please?


Hello there! Reading through some of these comments about an issue with push notifications. Is Glide still working on this? Asking as I have been unable to get them to work.

Here’s the last update we have.

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