integration with glide, what username/password should I enter


I am trying to add a row to glide using integration with but on the glide settings it’s asking me to enter username/password. I am confused of what I should enter? when I login go glide, I always login with my google account. What am I missing? Thank you!

That doesn’t seem right. Usually it just asks for your API key. However, the add row module shouldn’t be the trigger…right?

Not sure…I want to listen to google sheet new row and add that row to glide, what should the trigger be? Either way, can’t do much if I can’t connect glide?

Ultimately you want this:

But, the username password thing is throwing me off. I think it’s because Glide is almost ready to release their new make integration so this might be a side effect of that development. No idea. @NoCodeAndy ?


Ok I guess I’ll have to wait. Is there another way to achieve the same thing? I saw your video with http module but I can’t achieve it. Thanks so much @Robert_Petitto

Yes, you could do it with a HTTP module.
At what point are you stuck with that?

I found the module, thanks @Darren_Murphy :grinning:

Just checking in. Have you been able to work with the HTTP module?

Yes, thank you so much @ThinhDinh

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That’s my understanding.

FYI: We’re working with the Make team to deploy the updated integration ahead of the official launch. It’ll combine the legacy version from Make with the new Glide Tables capabilities.

Should be sorted within the next day or so, and we’ll have comms + docs to support it.

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I fixed this problem by switching to Zapier :grinning:, much easy to use anyway from, a bit more expensive but really much better IMHO, took me 2 minutes to figure it out vs. 2 days in Make going around in circles.

I find this interesting, because my belief is in the opposite direction. What makes you think so?

As someone with very little experience in automation tools, so far I find Zapier to work better and be more straight forward, I spent 2 days trying to make this work on, and got nowhere, the mapping from webhook to http module wasn’t working so I had to add a JSON module in the middle which also didn’t work. Then I switched to Zapier and it all worked seamlessly within 2 minutes.

Got it, I find Make much better in handling complex logic branches and permissions to connections. If you ever want to try Make again with those modules, please let us know and we’ll try to help.

Thank you so much @ThinhDinh, let’s see when I get to that level of complexity :grinning:

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