Glide API set up in

I’ve tried looking but cant find any topics already covering this. Does anyone have a screenshot or can help with the set up for using the glide API using a http module in i’ve been struggling trying to use the API thus far so some help to implement it reliably would be super appreciated,

Im trying to send a webhook which includes an email address, validate that email with a API call in using a http module and then i want to update the same row again in a column set up to record the API result in Glide.

I don’t remember if @Robert_Petitto ever has a video for this, but a HTTP call to update the row would look like this.

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He has at least two :slight_smile:

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You doubt :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank you. I’ve looked through so many posts now i started to mix up the Glide API ones with the call API ones, and disregarded this thinking it was the latter :melting_face:

Im still having issues.

Im trying to edit a value in a column that is already in the table. Its a google sheets table, but i need the data immeditely, so cant wait for the routine refreshing to occur. I only want to update data in two data points, but leave the other columns unchanged.

Im triggering the webhook with one of the variables being rowID and the final set up of the http module is whats in trhe pic.

Im getting a status error 400 though with the data returned being:

SyntaxError: Unexpected token } in JSON at position 248
   at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
   at parse (/glide/node_modules/.pnpm/body[email protected]/node_modules/body-parser/lib/types/json.js:89:19)
   at /glide/node_modules/.pnpm/[email protected]/node_modules/body-...."

Can anyone tell me what ive done wrong in setting this up?

That error is telling you that the JSON is malformed.
How are you generating the payload?
Are you using the Make Create JSON module as shown in Bob’s second video?

I thought in the beginning of that video he explained that it was necessary when you were passing html or unicode to glide, but I am only passing text strings and email addresses so didnt think it applied. Ill give it a go though and see if it helps.

I recommend using it no matter what, and especially if any of the content is user generated.
It’s not just HTML or unicode that can break JSON (actually, neither of those normally would break JSON). The most common things that will break JSON are multi-line text strings and unescaped double-quotes. Using the Create JSON module guarantees that those sorts of things are properly handled and ensures that your JSON is valid.

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Thanks for the help. I tried two things - changing it to one item/row, and using the create JSON module as you recommended and now it works (not sure if one or both of those changes helped) but only when im working with a single row, but i cant get it to work properly with multiple items (i have a collection of arrays i want to add as a row each into glide). ive read through Set columns in multiple rows - Glide API as that post seemed relevant, but im not familiar with the iterator/aggregator and parse JSON modules (Im unfamiliar with really) so i feel like this are relevant but not sure if that would help me to get this to add multiple rows to Glide?