Use the Create JSON Module when using Make+Glide API

Hey all!

If you’re a regular user of and you’re using it to write to Glide using Glide API, be sure to use the Create JSON module to prevent your Make scenarios from failing.

Here’s how:


Thanks Bob :pray: :+1:

This should be considered standard and best practice.
To anyone out there using Make to interact with the Glide API, please do what Bob describes in this video. It will save you headaches in the future :wink:


Hi @Robert_Petitto, thanks for this.
Which one between Zappier and Make do you think is the most interesting to work with when it comes to using Glide?

I understand that Make enables to go further; but what would be your point of view?

It’s all personal preference, but I prefer Make because it’s more visual. Zapier, though, does seem to have more integrations.


Same, and also cheaper.

I’ve purchased Pabbly, with lifetime license. Not bad. Have you ever tried it?

Have you ever used Make or Zapier? Is there an advantage for Pabbly over those solutions?

@ThinhDinh of course I have! Zapier was my first love, Make (Integromat) the one I betrayed him with! Now I’m using Pabbly because of his lifetime license, I don’t have to pay monthly, buy once and that’s it!

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May I know what is the price for that deal and what you think about its features compared to Make?

Adding my 2 cents - n8n looks like a cheaper alternative to Make. They charge per scenario execution, not per operation.

I’ve used Pabbly before but ended up asking for a refund. Wasn’t impressed with their forum-based support, the platform was buggy, modules errored out periodically But maybe they matured!

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Thanks for sharing. I have had some good scenarios out of n8n, so I can vouch for them. I haven’t tried self-hosting, just running them locally on my laptop app.

Hi @Robert_Petitto,
Your videos are incredible; this one especially saved my day/project.
No problems recreating this.

HOWEVER - Is it possible to “push” all information into only one single JSON column to “extract” them later within Glide?

My usecase: I connect MAKE via API to Feedly to get News article everyday and instantly (multiple scenarios). The data coming from Feedly has 40+ items (most of it meta-data). But it changes/upgrades the information sent through their API from time to time and we want to make sure to have it.

The column in the Gilde Table is a Text-Column - the JSON one does not show up when copying from the API section in Glide. My attempts led to empty rows, errors or the best result was: “[Collection]” being displayed.

My goal is not to get all columns individually and then create a JSON within Glide - I want it directly coming into a JSON column - keeping the table clean only querying what I need right now - while being able to query more in the future. This way it would also be easier to copy/paste or create templates in MAKE.

So if I understand you right, you want to push the JSON string to Glide and then do work later on it in the Glide data view?

That should be possible. Still the same flow, make sure you use a Create JSON module to properly format it, then pass it to Glide using a HTTP call.