Editing rows with the API doesn't always work

Hello there,

I am using Make to automate my workflow along with Glide’s API. It works most of the time but unfortunately it appears that sometimes it doesn’t as it should.

The screenshot above shows an “Edit rows” request in Make to glide’s API that’s supposed to set the ID from QB column’s value to 387.
This exact workflow works most of the times but sometimes no. Down below an exemple of when it doesn’t work.

The value 387 wasn’t added to row n°145.

Is it a known thing that glide’s API does not accurately transfer information 100% of the time ?
What would you suggest me to do ?

Ask for more information if needed.


Hmmm just thinking out loud maybe because you are trying to write a text value to a number column. Does it help if you switch the ‘ID from QB’ in Glide to a text column?

He is writing 387 to a number column… Or am i missing something?

You can try to redefine the column name in Make because Glide changed that setup a little time ago.

Possibly he is writing the text value 387 from Make… just like when I type 387 here… it’s text

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Okay. I didn’t know that.
Good to know! That can saves a lot of trouble :face_with_spiral_eyes:.

Thank you for clearing this!

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Try this too:


This should be in the bible of Glide x Make users.


I can confirm the behavior unfortunately.
So far I have filled the HTTP requests in Make directly with JSON and inserted the variables there. The process works 99% of the time, but unfortunately it sometimes happens that an update is sent to Make, the response is also 200, but the value is still not changed in the database at Glide.

After reading this post, I changed everything to Json Converter and have to say that this gives even worse results!

That’s weird. Can you show us some screenshots or talk more about the columns that are showing the problem?

  • Have you checked if the column ID/name is correct?
  • What type of value are you pushing through the API to edit your database?
  • In the case of errors, are those values any different to the successful attempts?

Yes, otherwise the other requests would not be true :slight_smile:

I trigger this HTTP call after a data import so that I can store the newly generated lead ID in the data source. As you can see here, I get the status code 200 from Glide, the data is correctly formatted and yet the entry in Glide is not adjusted.

Very difficult to find out an error here, especially since there are no special deviations to the other leads and the other leads are updated without errors.


If you have a specific example of a call that didn’t work as expected (and it looks like you do), I’d suggest raising a ticket with Glide so that it can be investigated.

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