Glide API (sometimes) doesn't update rows

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Describe the bug:

  • The GlideAPI doesn’t update the columns as per the API request despite getting a 200 response.

Expected behavior:

  • 2 columns in my Glide table are updated after an API call is made in
  • Occassionally it works, but mostly it doesn’t

How to replicate:

  • Add a custom http request in
  • Edit rows as per the API documentation

Link to demo recording (optional):


I’m experiencing the same today. Update rows not working via make, despite Status code: 200. It was working well yesterday.
Thank you for reporting it.

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Is this related to the user-specific thing you mentioned in the Regulars chat?

Yes! Yesterday, I encountered this issue too. API status 200, pressing it around 7-8 times before it finally updated in Glide.

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Actually wondering if there’s a way to update user-specific columns with the Glide API

No, there isn’t. It doesn’t make sense technically, because user-specific columns’ values are tied to the signed-in user. When an API call goes in, they don’t know which user the value needs to be updated to.

I’m looking for something like this since I want to clear user specific rows after they submitted data via a webhook.

I would do it it using Glide Actions, but I’m unable to loop thru all rows after the related Order was submitted.

The only way to deal with this is to use the @Jeff_Hager multirow reset method. It’s an incredibly useful technique. I still use variations of it in many of the Apps that I build.



No this was just a general row. It is still causing issues. It doesn’t work at all on a published app but works after clicking 7-8 times in Glide.

What is the best way to report the bug?

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I encounter this problem very often with Classic Apps. I’m not sure if it’s related or not. But for other Apps (New Apps), I rarely encounter this problem at all. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Hey there I encounter the same issue. Most of the time the API request from updates the row, but sometimes doesn’t while sending status code 200.

It is very frustrating not knowing why Glide is not reliable on this point (which is the whole point of using it for me)