Parse / Display JSON data or render HTML stored in Glide?

I am currently using a Web Embed component to display a table of transactions from my accounting system on the details page of projects within my app.

Glide generates a URL that contains the ID of a project that is recognized by Netsuite, so it generates an HTML table with the transactions which then shows up in Glide. This works great and is pretty cool, but it’s wildly insecure.

I’m brainstorming alternatives here - using the Call API action, I could have the system return either a JSON with the transactions, or the HTML code, but I am not aware of a way to then display this data within Glide. Is there a way to either show the nested JSON data as a collection, like a data grid, or render HTML code that is stored in a column?

Maybe there’s another solution I’m not thinking of?

Yeah, take a look at Bob’s Call API Tutorial. I’m pretty sure he covers that.

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You could use the rich text component to display HTML