Combo Actions For Set Columns Can Set Relationship Rows

So I ran into a dilemma today where I needed my actions to set columns on another page. Now we know that works with add rows, but what I didn’t know and I haven’t seen it before is that if you create a relationship between sheets you can now set columns oh those sheets. Here’s a image of what I’m talking about.

I am able to use a glide sheet to set actions on a google sheet because of the relation and it works great. Now maybe this isn’t new, but I have yet to see it in any other of my projects and up until right now all I have ever seen is set column to show current row.

But nonetheless its a great feature, I am able to finish my game with this function.


That’s the same as this, yes?

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When did he post that? Oh, wow. well then, removed. I literally watch none of the tutorials on this site.

About a month ago.
But it’s an awesome feature, so it deserves a second post :grinning:

Did you ever get that figured out for your app?

My brain was a bit fried after yesterday, so I’ve put it aside today and working on something else.
But I think when I go back to it I’ll just split it into separate screens. It’s not worth the trouble of messing around with any further.

Understandable…I’m about to put this 2 player game up on the forums I think. Wanna give it a try?

Right @Drearystate but the problem is still the fact that any relation must be single and I don’t know the reason!!

The normal and old SQL clauses supports UPDATE Multiple Records to carry out it and this is what we are needing from weeks ago.

What Glide is doing so far with Set Columns (using a Single relation) is something like a SQL UPDATE Single Record and this ok but why we don’t go beyond and simplify many things to avoid Google scripts?.

Something like clear a shopping cart list or update an inventory (which have at least 10 items) using an unique/simple action through a multiple relation would be a smart/fast solution.

Saludos y feliz fin de semana!


One day soon, one day soon…

did you find a way to set multiple rows that mach relation? without using scripts… i really need that to checkout items from the cart… when i use scripts i takes time to apply changes, and items are still in the cart… user can still click them because glide see them as available until script will affect glide

I would recommend checking out this thread. Sounds very similar.

I solved this problem, and it works well without scripts… I’m celebrating this 4 hours struggle with lots of beer :wink:


Does that video still exist? I am running into problems with the same use-case

This is all very old. It would be best if you create a new topic for your problem. Please try to describe it as clearly as possible.