Populate different rows with the same action

Hello everybody,

I would like to know wether it’s possible to populate diferent rows in a speciffic column throught a relation. I’ve been trying with set up column and increment number but suddenly the button desapears and it’s no possible to trigger the action.

Any tips will be apreciatte.

Many thanks


Can you show how your action is configured?

Here, thanks ;)!

Looks pretty straightforward.

I assume it is, but is your relation a single relation? You can only use a Set Column action with a single relation. If your relation has ‘Multiple’ checked, then it won’t work.

Can you confirm that the row attached to the screen, that contains the button, has a value in the relation column?

Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your answer. Indeed the relation is a single one. Here a imatge if it helps:

Here an image where you can see that the button doesn’t apears in the Lay out:

Many thanks in advanced :wink:


Which row is that in your data? Does that row have a relation that’s filled? I see several rows with relations that don’t have any matches.

Hi Jeff,

What I am looking for is to populate only the rows that are in the relation I showed before.

The column relation in this case is “Relació contingut setmanal” that it has several matches but not all the sheet rows obiously. Is that what you asked me?

Thanks again.


Your screen is showing the details of one specific row. What I’m trying to understand is if the relation in that specific row has matches in the relation. I can’t tell from your screenshots which row that screen is attached to. You are showing more than 30 rows. Which one is it that you are viewing? If the relation is empty for that specific row, then the button is obviously not going to show because there is no row for the Set Column action to update.

I understand what you are trying to do, but I need to understand if the relation is empty or not for the row you are viewing.

Hi Jeff,

Now I see what you ment. The button is in the first row so it desapears as soon as I click it. This can be arranged but the problem still remains because the action only populate the first row and not the rest that are in the relation column.

Hope now I explained myself better, sorry for the inconvinience.

Many thanks.


I mean that the button doesn’t populate all the rows that are in the relation in just one click, I have to push it on time per row. Is there a way to populate all at once in just one clic?

Thanks again.


Based on your screenshot, the relation is empty in the first row. Because of that, there is nothing for a Set Column to set because the relation is empty. For that reason, there is nothing the button can do, so it won’t show up.

I’m not sure I understand. It seems like you are describing a multiple relation, but you said earlier that it’s a single relation. If it’s a single relation, then the relation will only find one matching row, and that’s the only row you can update. It won’t find more than one. If it’s a multiple relation, then it’s possible for the relation to find multiple matches, but you can’t use a Set Column action on multiple rows through a multiple relation. The only kind of action you can do through a multiple relation is a Delete Row action.

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OK Jeff, I understand that to populate in one clic several rows is only available with delete row action.

Thanks for your help. I’ll find another way to reach the pourpouse.

Have a nice weekend ;)!

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Its possible to delete multiple rows in one action? So if I delete an order, can delete all items that share the same order number?

Yes, you can delete multiple rows through a multiple relation.


Wasn’t aware of that. wondering if its safe to do that to

  • delete hundred of rows at once.
  • and whether current users of the app will face issues using the app while the delete process is done and their devices sync with the new data

currently i manually delete rows from our google sheet every few days. if there are users online, they start to view duplicates and problems happen. when they update a row, another row is updated by mistake. therefore we do the delete early hours when no users online

I believe it will count each row that’s deleted as an update.

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I was just about to try it on a staging 6000 row app :relieved:
better stay with manual delete then i guess

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