Setting values through relations and clearing user-specific columns - recategorized

Not a new post. I wanted to give a more appropriate home to a discussion around the use of actions to:

  1. Set columns through [single] relations.
  2. Clear user-specific values.

I do really wish that somebody from Glide would weigh in on this, and provide some advice on what can be expected to work and not work. Right now it just feels like we’re bumbling around in the dark, trying to figure it out through trial and error. And seeing inconsistent results, which just makes it all the more frustrating.



I have looked for a workaround and even an explanation for months to understand why the Set Columns actions can’t work with a multiple relation??

Glide would be almost “perfect” fixing this missing feature.

Saludos Rasha

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True, multiple relations would be very useful @gvalero But I want to emphasize the issue here relates to single relations, which do show up as options for set column actions along with their corresponding columns. Some just don’t work as expected for no clear reason.

What kind of problem do you have using a simple relation?

I have used this in several APPs and cases and works well for me. Show me an example to try to duplicate it.


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bueno @gvalero… I can’t post the app so I’ve tried to isolate the on-submit, set col single relation action in this app. Look for it before you submit a form. It’s grossly simplified in that the data doesn’t truly come from those columns, but the relation in question (rel_C) does form and live in the same sheet.

I modeled it after this exchange with Jeff and Darren.

Let me know where I can shed more light and thanks for offering to take a look! Again, the feedback from Glide is that set column on this type of relation is not feasible. At least that’s what was conveyed to me.


Hola @Rasha

Tomorrow I will test your problem with more time, I have had 2 days very busy.

No te olvido! :wink:


Update: In one of 3 apps we’re been testing, some values began appearing, mainly the timestamp refreshing as it should via the set column single relation action but in the editor only, NOT the sheet. Not sure what to make of that. I can’t reproduce those results in the app I posted here.