Ability to "Set columns", "Increment" and "Delete Rows" via multiple relations

coz user can edit this manually in application,this app for recomendation for user only.but user aproved or not

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Okay, fair enough.

So if you want to set them via the API, you can follow my video and just make a minor change.
Once you have the mutation for each row, add an if-then-else column:

  • If “Permintaan >0” is not empty, then Mutation column

And then use that column in the joined list. The rest of it will be exactly the same.

okay.can you explain this,coz i dont understand this column

Right click on the table name in the Data Editor, and select Show API.
Choose the curl examples, and then Edit Rows.
You can copy the code from there, and remove the bits you don’t need.

See below to learn more:

can you captured setting for collumn json data thanks

You can get it yourself by following the instructions I gave above, and it will give the exact values that you need for your table.

Thank you @Darren_Murphy For Sharing This,Its Work For ME