Update multiple row values via relation / action

Hi gang… Wondering if my thinking is correct here and if anybody can help. Thanks in advance!

My app has users who can create simple contacts.

When they then create new items in the app they are each associated to a contact.

In the backend my app just writes a temporary email placeholder for these contacts in the items for the time being.

The catch is - users can then choose to link to their contacts by adding their email address. This then "syncs " items across users and their linked contacts.

When user chooses to link with their contact I need to go back via a relation (eg. “all items associated with contact”) and update the correct linked email address to replace the temporary one. This is so that the now linked contact can also become a row owner and view the item.

The issue I seem to be running into is that the set columns action can’t (yet??) work with multiple relations? It would be sooo painfully simple if this did.

Is there another fancy way that essentially “find and replaces” all the old temporary email placeholders with the updated email address when the contact profile is updated?


Correct. It’s been requested as a feature, so hopefully it’s on the way…

Only thing I can think of is that if you can present the contacts to your user as an Inline List, then you could associate an action that sets the email and at the same time removes the contact from the list.

Also, maybe the following will provide some inspiration…


Thanks @Darren_Murphy for the reply. I did read the @Jeff_Hager post there but I think the added complexity is that I’m trying to also make the updated contact email as a row owner of the items. As I understand I can’t use UIDs or lookups/logic to even reference back to the contact and then make one of those the Row Owners?

I guess they’re the other features I’m waiting on that could then make this work?!

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