Clear Values on User Specific Columns - Please Help

I cannot seem to find a definitive answer on how get User Specific Column values cleared using Clear Value action.
My scenario:
I have a number of questions that make up a questionnaire. I have set up a questions tab to cycle through questions one after the other as each is answered. The answer to each question in the Questions sheet is captured in a User Specific Column and i then run an action to add a row to an Answers sheet, followed by a Set Column Values action to Clear Values of the User Specific Answers in the Questions sheet. These usc answers are simply not being cleared?

Could anyone point me in the right direction? I would sincerely appreciate?

Is the question tab being filtered to display only unanswered questions?

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When you have lots of user specific columns that need to be cleared, I’ve seen flakey behaviour like this where some or all of the columns aren’t cleared, or there can be some delay before they are cleared, or they’ll even flip between states a couple of times before settling down.

A tip that I recently picked up from @Jeff_Hager is to change the point at which they are being cleared. Instead of clearing them after the form is submitted, clear them at the start when the form screen is opened. I’ve started adopting this approach and it seems to work very well.


Thank you very much!
I will see if I can get that to work!

Hi @Robert_Petitto - The question tab is filtered using a “current question” user specific field in the user table. This usc in the user table is set to 1 at completion of a question set in preparation for next question set, and updated by 1 on submitting answer to each question till all questions in a set are answered.

So it’s not filtered on whether answered or not per se.

I have tried to implement @Darren_Murphy’s suggestion to have the values cleared on “opening” the form instead - but the way i am cycling through the questions attached to a Questionnaire, I cannot update the values on a form open action. The workaround was to incorporate another button to submit the requisite clear values. Seems long winded but i think only option?

Really appreciate you experts helping out and offering advice. Thank you!

Without seeing your app, I can’t be sure, but what might be happening is that your screen filter updates before the set column > clear value action so that by the time the action goes to clear the value, you’re already on the next question which hasn’t been answered yet, thus cannot get cleared. Is this a possibility?