User specific column not clearing


Have a custom form that writes to user specific columns. Upon submit everything works ok, except the user specific columns are not clearing. The action is set up to do so as shown. Not sure what’s happening here :grimacing:


I think the pointer is lost here when you try to add row to another Sheet then come back to this sheet and clear the columns.

Instead, can you try clearing those columns on the action that takes you to the current screen?

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Thanks, that could be it. I will reconfigure things and see if it fixes it. Strangely, the rows just cleared suddenly, without me doing anything. Well, all except one of the rows. Seems to be glitchy and inconsistent - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Yes. But then fields to be filled are not empty.
So imagine introducing items in an invoice. Once the item is filled, it should leave fields empty for the following row.

I am experimenting a ping point effect, but finally and after the ping point match finishes, us fields are cleared.

Update - have not changed anything at all but the rows are now clearing as they should. It just started working for some reason.

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I mean if you clear the fields before entering your custom form those fields should be empty, no?

Yes. But only the first time i enter.

Imagine an invoice and adding different rows of products for that invoice.

Once i am in the custom form and first row has been submitted, then i clear us columns. Then the same custom form is maintained in the screen waiting for another row for that same invoice to be filled.

Would you do it differently?? Thanks

Ah so you don’t go back at all? I usually add a go back action to mimic the form experience. In that case I don’t think there’s a way.

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