How to clear out a form after it is submitted?


Another newbie question. I created a form that I’d like a user to fill out. When they do, I’ve set the Submit button to an Action that basically Adds a Row to a table using the fields in that form. I also have the last step of that action take them to a different Tab. However when they come back to this form, say to submit another entry, the text from the previous time they filled it in is still visible. I was trying to find a ‘Clear form’ option but realized I’m probably looking at this the wrong way.

How could I have it such that after they submit a form, and a row is added to the table, the form fields are cleared out for a follow up entry?


Create another action with set columns, and use clear value option for each column in this row

If you’re using a Form Button, you don’t need the add row action — the form button adds it automatically with the values entered. Navigating back to that form button will result in a fresh form with blank fields.

Sounds like you’re building your own custom form instead of a normal form. A normal form clears itself after submission, for your own custom form, for the submit button, as @Uzo said, use a set column action to clear all the input columns.