How do I leave the form blank after a response has been submitted?

Hey guys, i have a form on my application that everytime someone response it, it keeps with the answer at the form fields, even if i refresh the page.

Someone knows how can i refresh the form, after a response is submitted?

I assume this is a custom form and not a native glide form? If it is a custom form, then what you can do is create a custom action that clears the form columns on the way into the form, or you can have a custom action that clears the form columns when you submit the form.

Also are you using User Specific columns to capture each input? Even if you dont clear if via custom action as Jeff pointed out (Set Column —> Clear), the form should look empty for each user the first time they fill it out

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i dont know why the set column → clear didnt work here :confused: buttt, i tried (send link → and i put the link for the initial page) and it worked! Thank you guys :slight_smile:

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Strange… and youre using a custom form, correct?

This sounds like something is not working/being configured correctly, so if you can share some screenshots or a video it would be great. I have removed the solution tag so we can discuss more about this.