Feature to clear user specific column data

I repeatedly need to clear User Specific Column data from tables, as described in the post below.

My use case is a Fitness App that is Live for 28days to manage a program of events for signed up members. When it’s time to run the next program it is tedious to manually reset several Glide Tables for all users.

Can we add a feature that does this please?

For example, hitting delete when signed in as Any User with a table selected. Or right mouse click on a table shows an option to ‘Delete all USC data’.

Continuing the discussion from Deleting data for everyone:

Have you explored the multiple row reset trick?
I expect it would work rather well for this use case. Essentially all you would need to do is change a single value in a single row when a new program starts.

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Yes I considered it. But imagine you have a table with 40 columns. It’s tedious to set up… plus you still have to click on every user to delete the array. At least I have not find a way to delete nested arrays…

I’ve asked for this a zillion times. :disappointed:

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