Delete data of column or client

I only use one column to specific user.

I need delete data of client after finish of test.
My solution is close de app an start again but i cant this way.

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You can either preview as that user and clear the data in the glide data editor.

Or, you can delete all data for that user.


but is manually, i need wiht use a button

If it’s a user specific column, then only the user will be able to clear the value with a button. You can use a Set Column action to Clear the column value for that row.


This option is only per item.

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Do you mean like this?

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No. I need delete all data of colum. You delete per row.

I think you can’t do like that. You can delete a row in the Database or that item’s value of a column. Like Jeff said.

Or you have to delete that column data manually.

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