How can I delete rows and perform a reset?

I would be grateful if anyone can share a tip to help a user to reset my Glide App.

Specifically, the App is designed to allow users to add entries (rows) via a simple form. The app then uses the standard list views to show the entries. Is there a way to delete all rows and effectively reset the App by deleting all the existing rows? A button that triggers this action would be great.

I have scanned the community and it looks like some people are using scripts but this appears to cause issues when duplicating the App. Hence, I would be delighted if this could be done within Glide.

Thanks in advance,

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Aside from scripts, there’s no (current) way to delete rows of data from your spreadsheet.


You want an action that deletes all rows in a table?

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Yes please @david or delete an individual row (rather than relying exclusively on the the delete button)

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I think the ideal would be an action that operates on all rows through a multiple relation.

Think SQL… “update ‘foo’ where ‘bar’” or “delete ‘foo’ where ‘bar’”


How about an action that deletes/clears all values in a column? I know we have the clear column but that just clears one cell and not the whole column.

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More specific:

  • We need to have a way to clear/write all rows belonging to a GS column and/or a user specific column at the same time.

With first case, the workaround could be a script but with 2nd one, it is impossible so far.

A fast solution could be that any Set Column action (Clear Value) works with a multiple relation but currently, it only accepts a simple relation and an only one row can be deleted (or modify its value) … a nightmare!!


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Not quite. I would like to be able to delete all entries (rows) appearing in a list.

YES. THIS. Whether it’s update a column with a constant (timestamp), or clear a column based on the multiple relation, this would be SO helpful.


Definitely on the roadmap!


I just saw that Integromat has an action that “Delete Rows” in case someone is interested.

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