Updating multiple rows at once

what advice is there on updating multiple rows at once. we get items in batches of like 100. instead of setting a received date for each, we want to set a received date for all in one click.

some items are stored in a google sheet & others in a glide table for certain reasons.

we currently do this through an automation via make when a received timestamp is placed in the google sheet in a different table. we still haven’t implemented it for the glide table, though probably very similar procedure

what advise is there to update multiple glide rows in a glide table. and what advice is there also regarding updating multiple rows in a google sheet at once.

Anything coming up soon in glide that allows us to update multiple rows?

The best option for this at the moment is to send a webhook to Make, and then have Make call the Glide API to do the updates.

Possibly later in the year when we get more advanced action options, although nothing concrete just now.

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Action options are hugely advancing these days, are there any rumors of anything related to updating multiple rows coming up?

I don’t know about now, but when @Robert_Petitto asked it in Sep 2022, the answer was it’s not in Glide’s roadmap.