Add Rows via API - Pricing

We add around 3000 rows per day as orders come in (not at once) to a google sheet and then sync to Glide. These are rows regarding order items our operations team process on the glide app.

Currently we are planning to move to some data into Glide Tables. Adding Rows is 1 of 3 major focus points.

  • if we Add Rows via API, is it 1 update per row added.
  • if we add multiple rows lets say 300 at the same time, is it 300 updates?
  • are there ways to reduce this cost, should we create a csv and import it into the table via the builder?
  • is there any way we could automate import into a Glide Table.
  • we have an action the exports data from a Glide Table as csv. Will there be an action to import a csv into a Glide Table?

Yes, and yes. Each mutation counts as one update. Sending mutations in batches increases efficiency, but it doesn’t reduce the Glide cost.

That’s probably your best option if you’re looking to minimise costs. Because it’s done directly in the Data Editor, it doesn’t incur any update cost. The compromise is, of course, that it has to be done manually.

I’m not aware of any such plans, but even if there were such a feature I’d expect that it would still count as one update per row. It is possible to upload a CSV file, process it with JavaScript, call a webhook, and then add the rows via the API. But that doesn’t help here, because you’re still incurring update costs via the API.