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Hi all - I am building a variation of a CRM and would love my users to be able to export a subset of data as a CSV and have it emailed to them. I’ve checked Zapier and can’t find anything that would achieve this. If anyone has ideas, would love to hear!

Hi Amanda,

What if you create a Template Column and put there all your variables/data using the syntax you will need. Later, use Zapier and send that Template Column as Value #1 as the attachment of your email .

This should work sure!

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Thank you! I am pretty new to Glide so will look into how templates work! What Zap/App connections would you use to create/send an attachment?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Amanda,

After signing up for Zapier, navigate to: https://zapier.com/apps/integrations

In your case, I think this Zap would suit:


Follow the instructions, basically when the designated row in Google Sheets is updated, an email will be sent to emails you want.

The subjects and content of email can be linked to values in the Google Sheets as well.

Try it out!

Thank you!! What I am trying to achieve is… allowing users to add potential contacts to a project. The contacts will be a list of say 10-30 names, emails, addresses, etc. I would like to have a button that allows the user to say “Export CSV of contacts”, and have an email sent to them with all the contacts, and their relevant info in a CSV attachment. Do you think what you are mentioning above could work for this usecase?

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Hi, just my thoughts, actually I have a use case for this in one of my apps as well but I haven’t implemented it so if it works for you, hopefully I can do it as well.

My case is a sports news app, for Vietnamese newspaper editors. My idea is that they can access my app, check for the latest English news, click “check” for specific news they want to translate, then click a button to have all those links send to them via email.

I think this can be achieved by:

  • Setting up a user-specific check column for each contact in your app. If a signed-in user checks a column, the checkbox becomes TRUE for that specific user.
  • Use a QUERY formula to take all information from the rows that were checked into a new sheet, then CONCATENATE them like what Jeff proposed into a single cell.
  • Set up a Zap to send that cell’s value through the mail to the user.

If you want to send a CSV instead of a cell value, I’m not sure Zap can handle that natively. I searched and found that Integromat can do that: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/csv/zapier

This is a complex problem and I hope other people can chime in with their ideas.

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thank you! I’ll let you know how far I get on this. This sounds like a great approach and will keep you posted on the results!

Thanks for finding this CSV zap - will look into this

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