Generating and Emailing Summary Reports

Is there existing functionality or plans to be able to send summarized sheet data directly from the app?

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This would be awesome for creating and sending invoices. It’s something I’d love to do, but haven’t quite figured out the best way to implement it yet.

Can you explain specifically how your app would benefit from this?

I am recording specific issues that I distribute to specific managers. I would like to be able to send follow up with all unresolved issues.

Interesting, this sounds like a good suggestion. Thanks @bose54113

You could do it in a script pretty easily. You would mark all the specific issues with a manager, a date and time to follow up, and any other info. Then you would have a timed trigger that would run a script that would scan through the issues on the issues sheet in the app and compare the current date and time with the individual issues date and time. Accumulate them in an array and create an email to send. I’m sort of brainstorming but very doable in my opinion if you know a little scripting.