Email Report

If I set up my app to generate a report how can I get it to send said report it the layout it’s set up in the app as an email or a Pdf document

I’m not understanding your question completely but as far as I know you would have to use a script to create a report. As for sending the report, again you would have to write a script if you wanted to send it via email.

So the idea is when I pull information using a submission form it create a report inside my app.

I’d like to have a button that if you click it, it emails that pulled information almost like a screenshot.

I would love an option like this too. I create dynamic billing invoices in my sheet and display them in the app using html tables (I have a column with dynamic markdown tables as well if the html stops working, but for now, the html version looks better). It would be great if I could download a PDF or send as an email, but it’s not an option within Glide. In the future, I plan to explore third party tools that can do this for me, such as Zapier or Integromat. I haven’t had an immediate need to dig into it further, but it looks promising according to @mmgt2005 and the following post:

Here is a link to a tutorial that will create the PDF’s as well as email them. It is converting the entire spreadsheet and then zipping it, but you should be able to adapt it to only one sheet and just mail the PDF instead of zipping it up.