Report creation

Hi I understand that the functionality to create reports is not something native to Glide and you have to look for other tools and integrations to make the reports. Any tutorial that you recommend me to learn how to make reports please? :worried:

What type of report are you trying to create? Do you want to have a file sent to your email or viewable in the app afterwards?

Hi, I want to create an invoice and that this can be printed (it is a must), send by mail and / or whatsapp.


My workaround is to generate a template column and replace A B C D… with specific columns then stitch rows into an array being sure to add line breaks and then use a custom action to copy the lot into clipboard. A bit long winded but it works.

I generally use this approach to export tables of data since once into clipboard the user can paste into Excel. With a bit of planning you can insert the column headers into the array too.

I don’t think this method will handle graphics though.

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U can send data using webhooks and then use 3rd party tools like make to create the invoices or mail them

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Interesting option, many thanks!!!

And how do you call or activate the webhook from Glide?

U can call webhook from glide using custom actions
Also u can find more details of webhooks in community


Many Thanks!!!