How to create PDFs in Glide - and use them in your App

In this video, we take a look at how to generate PDFs from Google Doc/Slides templates using Glide webhook actions and Portant

Hello everyone, we have recently built an integration that enables you to create PDFs from a Glide webhook action. We can generate a PDF and then send the document link back to a Glide table so you can use the document in your app. Essentially the process works like this:

1. Connect your Glide App to Portant via a webhook action.

2. Format your PDF using a Google Docs/Slides template

3. Save the PDF link back to the Glide Table using the Glide API

4. Then every time you trigger the Glide Webhook action a PDF will be generated and saved in your Glide Table so it can be used in the rest of your App.

Why would you use it?

  • PDFs are great for lots of different business critical documents like invoices, purchase orders, proposals, product catalogues, contracts, certificates and more.
  • Formatting the PDF’s in Google Docs/Slides means that you can make the PDF’s look exactly the way you imagine them.

What else can the integration do?

Portant also enables you to share the documents via email or request eSignatures. So it can replace tools like Hellosign, Pandadoc, Docusign etc

:page_facing_up: I’ve also written a guide, which you can read here:

Please give me a shout if you have any questions or suggestions.




Never heard of Portant. Neat!


Glad you like it Robert!
We’re aiming to build Portant into document automation tool that’s a combination of Docusign and Zapier (the power of Docusign with the openness of Zapier)

Thanks for sharing!

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No worries mate!

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This is what I need! Thanks bro!

Brilliant. Interesting to learn about Google docs and the power of those fields. Is there a version that would work with MS Word?

How can I generate PDF documents with tables that have multiple rows as many as the related fields in other Glide tables? @James_Fyfe

Awesome! I’m glad to hear that Hendrik!

Hi Simon, unfortunaltey not at the moment. But Google Doc’s can import Microsoft Word files and the conversion is pretty dam good.

Hi Antonino, If you can send the data in one webhook then Portant can process it.

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How should these data be?
Comma separated…etc

Great Work, though its not clear how you handle line items when we send an array of rows and how to place it?

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Hi Antonio, for our Webhook data needs to be sent in key value pairs. For example we also have the same functionality in Zapier: How to use Webhooks and Zapier to connect Portant to almost anything!

Hi Yassin, Thanks mate!
At the moment data can only be sent one line at a time. I didn’t realise you could send an array via Webhook using Glide? Interesting. Do you have an example you can show me? you can send it to if that’s easier. Cheers!

Did you ever get something figured out for this? I love the fact that it uses google docs, I got something up and running pretty quickly, but just need the ability to send it many rows from a relation in glide and have the ability to place those specifically in the google doc.

Have you checked this?


Thanks @ThinhDinh :pray:

Seems to be exactly what I need for a project I’m working on. I’ll be reaching out soon.

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It seems like this requires either a pro account or a non-classic app. I’m still paying for a legacy account on a classic app…doesn’t quite work for me unfortunately.