DocsAutomator Line Items Support (native integration 😎)

Hi Gliders! :wave: I’m super happy to announce that DocsAutomator now supports dynamic tables from relational data straight from the native integration (and thereby not requiring Make, Zapier, etc. anymore)!!! :confetti_ball: :muscle:

It took me some time to realize that I can actually support this from my end without any changes to the integration itself (which is maintained by Glide itself). Please find the demo below where I show how document templates and Glide data has to be prepared.

I would be incredibly thankful if you would…

a) Share this with anyone you think might be interested (a lot of people have reached out over the months requesting this feature…)
b) Share feedback and thoughts on it

This community has been incredibly good for DocsAutomator and its growth over the last months and I hope that this addition makes it even more useful for all of you!

All the best,


Nice one :+1:

That Contact JSON object could also be created using the Make JSON Object column. Probably a bit easier, as it takes care of all the string quoting for you, including escaping reserved characters such as double quotes and line breaks.

CleanShot 2023-08-04 at 00.38.25


Thanks a lot @Darren_Murphy! Making the formatting less error-prone definitely makes sense… Will test it out!

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Thank you so much. Been needing this.

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Than ks for the additional hint.

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Works great!
Thank You very much!

Would be cool if DA could return to Glide the number of docs actually generated and the number of docs remaining from the user’s plan. We could display these data to the user within the Glide App.


Thanks for the feedback @madb! I think that’s a great idea

Firstly, congrats @Rupert ! It’s been a while waiting for this.

@Darren_Murphy I really love all the new JSON columns. Makes for great data management. Querying & creating JSON arrays have never been cleaner.


Congrats and thanks for sharing that’s really interesting!

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This is great! Thanks for doing this. Must the output be to a table? Or could the same approach be used to create, say, a bulleted list of items?

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@BLA_68 Thanks! Yes, currently the output must be a table. Bullet lists are not supported yet.

@Rupert I have been using the note component in Glide to achieve formatting as shown in the first image. In this case it is highlighting some text and adding bullet lists.

The image below is the output when I pass it through and generate a PDF with docsautomator.

I’m guessing that this type of formatting isn’t supported at the moment, as mentioned above regarding bulleted lists. Any suggestions on getting formatting to come through in dynamic data?

I had a go at using docsautomator today and am finding it pretty nice to use! :slight_smile:


Hi James, markdown is not supported currently. Everything is passed as plain text and apparently markup is passed as well. Would you mind adding a feature request here? ( You’re then also getting notified about changes and when this is implemented. Cheers, Rupert

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Congrats @Rupert

Does it support multiple tables or only one table ?

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Hi @Yasin_Hassanien ! For now only single line item tables, but working on it… You’re the first to know once multiple tables are supported :slight_smile:


@Rupert just dropping some thanks here, appreciate your work!

Question: is it correct that each cell must contain only one field? Or is it possible to do like below?

| name and email | photo |
| {{line_item_name }} {{line_item_email}} | {{line_item_image_100}} |

If this was allowed it would open up a lot of formatting options

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Hi @jjlumagbas, thanks a lot!

I do understand that it would open up possibilities and hope to offer this very soon. Currently, a cell can only contain a single placeholder. Make sure to subscribe on X or here to stay posted on updates:



Hey @Rupert I’m trying to get an image and a piece of text in the same cell and it’s not working. It ends up showing an empty cell.

Also, probably related, in this screenshot attached, only the second placeholder shows up (the green arrow), and not the first one (the red arrow).

Any news on when we would be able to have multiple placeholders per cell? and ideally, being able to combine images and text in the same cell?

Thanks so much!

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Hi @Paulo_Fonseca, currently it’s not possible to include multiple placeholders in a cell. There will a new version of DocsAutomator available in the next weeks and this will be possible then! Stay tuned :slight_smile:


That would be amazing! I would be making hundreds of reports through you guys then! Thank you! =)

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