Include multiple line item tables in your PDFs using DocsAutomator

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce that including multiple line item tables is finally possible with Glide’s native DocsAutomator integration! :tada: :confetti_ball: :muscle:

Please find a demo / walkthrough of how it works below.

Getting that syntax right can be a bit tricky, so please don’t hesitate at all to reach out anytime if something doesn’t work :slight_smile: :person_raising_hand:

Wish you all a great weekend & look forward to your feedback!


Great work!

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Thanks @ThinhDinh :pray:

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Awesome! Thanks for the integration!

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Thanks, @Robert_Petitto !

You should not use Joined List or Make JSON Object for this.

Use the JSON Object column to make objects, and use Make Array and Lookup to make arrays of objects.

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Thanks, @david. Just tested using JSON Object and that’s great, thanks! (side note: why do Make JSON Object and JSON Object both exist?)

Re. using Make Array: That was my original approach, but I couldn’t get a nested array by using two Make Array columns. The array stays flat, no matter how many Make Arrays get chained. Nested arrays are necessary for multiple line item tables.

Did I miss something?

Make JSON Object will disappear next week – it’s being replaced.

Will look into Make Array issue.


Excellent Update. Thanks.

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In have a client with a Jobs table that has has connected timesheets and equipment logs. I created a search feature so he can find all jobs n a certain date range. I would like an automation to create a pdf from this data that has each job on a separate page with its timesheets and logs.

Is there a way to create a pdf with each job on a separate page?

Hi @GrumpyRick, I’m not 100% sure I understand the data structure, but currently DocsAutomator prints from a “main record” in a table. So in your case, that would be the jobs table and in that a single job. Based on that job, you can include connected data (like timesheets and equipment) from other tables. That would produce individual PDFs / Google Docs of each job. DocsAutomator is not able to print multiple records at once currently, so you would have to combine multiple PDFs after they’ve been printed.

Feel free to reach out in the DocsAutomator chat if you feel I haven’t understood your challenge correctly!


Two arrangements are used in the video. I only require one.
That means that instead of putting [[array1],[array2]], I should put [[array1]].
What other change should I make?
For some reason the PDF is not being generated, I must have something wrong.
On the other hand, does DocsAutomator have somewhere to see the json code?

Hey @Inspector1_ColmenasM, single line item tables have a different syntax. Please follow the instructions in this video:

Please reach out anytime if you have questions :slight_smile: Best place to reach support is via the chat in the app!


that was excellent!!!
Works great for me!!!
thanks a lot

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Great :muscle: