Create PDFs / documents incl. line items from your Glide data (using DocsAutomator and Make)

Hi everyone,

Rupert here — founder of DocsAutomator!

While the native DocsAutomator integration doesn’t allow for line item creation yet (but will very, very soon :crossed_fingers:) and as many users have reached out in need of a solution, I thought I record a demo of a workaround using Make. This is a simple example, but hopefully helps a few users to generate the documents they want to generate :slight_smile:

Of course feel free to always reach out with questions or comments! As said above, very soon this should be possible (and will be much easier) with the native integration.



Thanks for sharing!

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@Rupert Is there a way to get the Google docs link back?

Yes, there is a setting in DocsAutomator to keep the generated Google Doc (if toggled off, the Google Doc is deleted after the PDF has been generated). The Google Doc link will then be returned together with the PDF link.

Where is the GDocs link? I can’t find it. I can see only the pdf link

Did you generate documents already with DocsAutomator? The DocsAutomator API responds with the PDF link and the Google Docs link if Google Doc was selected in the automation / template settings in DocsAutomator.

Yes I did it, but with Glide integration, I steel have to try with Make.

Ah yes, that makes sense. The native integration just saves the PDF for now (in the field you define in the action settings). If you want to use the Google Docs link (to enable people to continue editing it for instance), you’ll have to use Make (or any platform that can send HTTP requests)


Ah ok. Perfect! I will try with make. :grin:

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If you don’t have line items, you just don’t pass the line items property which is shown in the video (sorry, the DocsAutomator API is still not documented currently, getting to that soon :))


Hey Rupert! Is it possible to geenrate multiple lists for different things like that? I mean for example, I want to have 2 separate lists in a single document, they are not connected to each other in any way. Can I create 2 different arrays in Glide and will the DocsAutomator process that correctly?

Hi @Petr_Shemyagin, so currently the native integration can’t process arrays at all. Dynamic lists / tables will be added soon, but there’s no timeline. Currently you would have to use a workaround with any tool that can send HTTP request (Make for instance).

But if you would go down that route (making API requests), you can add as many dynamic lists added in tables in Google Docs as you want :slight_smile:

Does that answer your question?

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Hi @Rupert, thanks alot for this guide. This workaround is the final feature that tipped the scale, DocsAutomator will be my recommendation to the higher-ups for PDF creation. We need line items, and glide dosn’t realy support it.

As many others using Glide, i know a bit of code, but is new to me, and their glide-support is not that good. My goal is to return the URL from to Glide. Im guessing Glide API is the solution. Can you point me to a make-module that can execute the API edit (JavaScript or curl)?

With best regards
Danny Nielsen


You can use the Make Create JSON and HTTP modules. Bob Pettito has a couple of good tutorials on this topic.


@Danny_Nielsen Glad to hear that. Please feel free to reach out via the DocsAutomator chat and I’ll be happy to help you with any issues coming up while integrating DocsAutomator via Make.

Thanks for very quick reply :slight_smile: Work like a charm.

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