Community Update: October's bug fixes and feature releases 🌟

It’s been a minute since our last community digest update.

We were dropping them weekly earlier in the year, but we didn’t know if they were actually useful, so we put them on hold at the end of the summer. After asking around, the response was a clear bring it back – so here we are! :slight_smile:

Here’s what the Glide team shipped over the last few weeks…

Bug fixes :beetle:

  • Resolved issue with the Data editor where it overwrites as you type
  • Resolved mutateTables API issue
  • Resolved button spacing issues on smaller screens
  • Resolved issue with text-to-date not displaying properly
  • Resolved issue with JSON arrays and number values crashing the builder

New features & enhancements :star2:

  • BigQuery and SQL tables can be renamed
  • Localized Signature label, Sign In/Up/Out, and View Profile buttons
  • Support for non-numeric characters in phone numbers, like + for Twilio integration
  • Data editor column filtering per table (available in Previews)
  • Check domain status has a clearer UI
  • Removed errors from audio-to-text columns where blank values are expected
  • Improved onboarding flow for new Glide accounts
  • Added multi-item column support for the document-to-text action
  • Confirm dialog before deleting multiple values in the Data editor
  • New document-to-text AI action

From the community :raised_hands:

P.S. Don’t miss this week’s Glide Next session covering SQL data sources.

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Thank you for this comprehensive update, Andy :pray:


Any chance you can elaborate on this one? ie. what was the actual issue and how did it manifest?

Thanks for the heads up and the shoutout :slight_smile:

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Gist of what I have from the engineering team:

  • Users were calling mutateTables via the Glide API
  • It wasn’t returning an error, but it wasn’t behaving as expected
  • Devs found and fixed a bug in the code

This was fixed ~3 weeks ago. :slight_smile:


ah, thanks.
I’ve seen a few reports where users were reporting a 200 status returned from the API, but no changes effected in the Glide Tables. So maybe it was that.