Sport Academy - Manage Memberships App

I am nearly done with an app for a client sport academy to help manage their monthly memberships and enhance their efficiency.

Would highly appreciate any feedback if you have time to check.

Negative feedback very welcomed. It can only help me improve the app.

Feel free to play around with it, data is sample nothing private and this is a copy so don’t worry about messing it up.

Ideas on what to improve, what to add ? Interesting AI ideas?

Anyone have clients looking for such a solution, or interested to help sell a copy of this app to more clients please do contact me.


Wow, this app for the football academy is sick! It’s super easy to use and has everything the academy needs to manage their memberships. Plus, the payment system is top-notch. I think an AI feature for custom workouts based on goals and skill level would be dope and set the academy apart from competitors. Great job on this app, man!

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Nice job. I could imagine a couple of features:

  • a button to export CSV would be a good way to save the data.
  • some bar charts to show revenue L12M,
  • a chart that shows membership and revenue split by age group in L12M
  • an entry field that allows the user to draft a message with a button that automatically sends an email- need to manage who receives, options for overdue members or members in certain age groups…
  • ability to send an email or WA invite to join with info about each class

I have a football App to help coaches manage a football team, eg track players, manage fixtures and team sheets and results. It’s a nice hobby.

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Thank you Simon, great to learn from your football experience

  • there is a button to export memberships & another one to export players. I have designed it so users can only export once a day (to reduce update counts). It’s inactive in the public app I shared. (Image below)

  • there is an option to find revenue per custom period and filter plans, but as the above one I’ve opted not to use it as every date input counts as an update so these kind of custom filters are costly for free plans. I will add one chart that shows membership and revenue split by age group… must have forgotten that.

  • yes great one, I will create whatsapp templates and then allow the admin to select what template he wants to use before heading to whatsapp

  • this client wasn’t interested much in email notifications etc… I think if we agree on a certain cost I could integrate the app with some sendinblue or something similar… to customize emails and possibly keep track of customers.

I’ve had a look at your coaching/football team app. Big fan of it. Creating one for my team as well, and was supposed to share. with you but lacking time to polish it before that.

Out of football experience, do you have any advise on monetizing this academy app? I can duplicate & customize it for multiple academies. Memberships costs are very high, it seems possibly to sell on a monthly subscription basis …

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Nice responses. The app is looking great.

I haven’t monetized my app since it’s a hobby and a support for the teams I play for. It’s back to the Glide positioning that B:B is their model (internal business apps or business to business) vs B to C. They don’t see potential in selling to private individuals. Hard reality but probably accurate.