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Hello everybody,

I have created this App for my rugby club in order to help educators to manage children’s teams.
It permit to have all informations, to contact quickly parents and to take attendance.
I’ve created an editor menu for the Manager with a password (ADMIN here :wink: :
I have some questions for the specialists.

  1. A local federation would like buy it for use with 30 clubs. But i have no idea about the price which i can sell it.

  2. Do you think it’s a good thing to create an english version ?

  3. As i use formulas in Google Sheets, if i understand all, i can’t submit this app as a template. That’s true ?

As potential update, i think add script to manage alphabetical sort in attendance.
Thank you in advance for your answers and your advice.

Correct you can’t use forumulas


I had read and understood well :wink:

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No one is used to selling their GlideApps and can give me a price estimate?

Hey !

That’s a bit ironic. Jack’s own Instagram template used arrayformula!

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