Help me to estimate the price

Hello everyone,
I will need the advice of a specialist to give me an estimate of the value of the application I have created :
Indeed, a local federation could buy it from me to use it with its 30 clubs but I have no idea of ​​the price.
Thank you for your help.

Hi Alexis - there are a few ways of thinking about charging things:

  1. what does the customer expect to pay?
    — I like to start with the customer expectation. If they think that they would pay 5K for this, charge them 5K!
    — maybe they want to get the clubs to pay, but you are the recommended solution - so, let’s say you anchor a price at 5K, then 5K / 30 = 165 each, so 200 to give some hassle money to you…


  • how much does it cost you to deliver?
    – your client might not want to do customization work, nor learn how to use Glide.
    You do not want a lot of hassle supporting your users, otherwise, you waste your time and do not get paid for it

Let’s say it is one app, and each club gets set up in the app.
---- you would need to think through the app to make sure confidential info is not shared!

In this case, 5K might seem high… UNLESS you decide to package up the app into some kind of ‘service’ that you can add value to…
“I will give you the app, access to helpline, and the app is licensed to 30 clubs and as many players as you would like” … you decide what value looks like, and is the customer agrees, then it is valuable :slight_smile:

You need to be sensitive to market conditions. I am working on an app and service that might have a high cost in Germany, but a very low cost in Nigeria!

Now, you could embed in an hourly cost of your customization and support services. Let’s say you sell a license for using the software (right to use) for X… and then you say that includes Y support hours, and if you want more, the client pays Z for a pack of 5 support package hours.

Sometimes you hope to make money out of something but your cost of delivering and supporting the product make it not worthwhile. I do not like working for free myself, nor paying to work for others!

Therefore the key is working out from the customer how much they expect to pay… and then see if you can live with the price, and the implications for delivery.


Thank you very much for your answer.
To answer your questions:

  • I am thinking of selling, if it is done, the application to the local federation which will duplicate it for each club. The data for each club will therefore be isolated.
  • The federation will be able to duplicate it once for each of the 30 clubs and I will ensure the correction of the bugs.

You can then offer a license + service - for example:

X per year to license this app for the Federation use in any club
— includes support, etc
— and notice, I made this an annual fee :wink:

Y per club to help them setup - could be something like ‘2 hours support’ - and then a fee per hour if they need more help (or changes)

Then think about a place in your app to collect suggestions for improvements from all users

  • these suggestions go into a single sheet, eventually
  • and you can go to the Federation to ask for additional budget to build these extra things
    ---- and charge them a development fee, and grant them an irrevocable, license free right to use the changes they paid for in the app (but you own the changes :slight_smile:

Then it is not worth trying to see your app in the Glide Template store. It is meaningless for those Glide users! Better to just focus on selling the app you have to the folk who will be interested in it.

Good luck! M


Thank you very much for your help :wink: