I have had a few enquires about making apps for small, new businesses. They don’t want or don’t have the time to do it themselves, so I am happy to help (for a fee, of course) I have shown them glide and it seems to fit the bill with most clients. However when I mention it is $29pm (most want monthly rather than yearly charge) it stops the conversation dead. Thoughts?

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Well, considering the average app costs $150k to build, if $228/year is out of their price range then I’d say they are not a good opportunity.


I think you are pointing to the wrong target Jason!

I hope you don’t misunderstand my advice.




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I would tell them that thanks to Glide they win a lot in speed and cost in the building phase. Thanks to Glide they get an affordable solution they wouldn’t have had otherwise. And explain them every solution needs hosting, so whichever thing they get build there will be ongoing costs after delivery. I think I would go in the educational role instead of the aggressive mode :wink: !


Traditional app building has been cost prohibitive as per @david’s comment. Now @Rosewebstudio (along with most of us here) are thinking about NEW app opportunities within customers we have… they can and ARE small to medium businesses so introducing a new cost, even when very low is a new consideration.

Maybe a 1 pager by glide (or video by @JackVaughan) as a bit of marketing puffery / clarification (heh) on what you know about app building costs would be handy. I imagine there were a few slides in the funding raise deck that talked about disrupting traditional app building costs etc… expanding on that so we’re armed would be a nice thing to have.

Apologies for the ramble. :wink:


In case anyone doubts @david 's comment about the cost of traditional mobile app development, take a look at excerpts of a proposal a client shared with me. Cost for MVP €45.000 to €70.000 and for final app an additional €40.000 to €75.000


Thanks for sharing, are we however comparing apples with pears?

I suppose what I am saying is - is what being proposed all possible natively in glideapps or are they offering an app which cannot be built within the capabilities of glide?

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You said that Glide “fits the bill” but then clients balk at the price—is the price the issue, or the capabilities?

Hi David - bit of both. I still think glide is a fantastic solution and a game changer, I am not complaining, you know what it’s like with clients, they want everything for free! Lol.

I am constantly excited to see the updates and capabilities you are adding (can’t keep up!) and as more and more features and design elements (so the apps don’t all look the same) are added it does make is easier to sell.

There are business models which do require work around and sometimes glide doesn’t quite hit the mark, which is totally understandable. It can’t do everything, yet…

Still not convinced by the sign up with pin, just doesn’t flow right to me. Also when you already have a pin you have to enter the email before the ‘I already have a pin’ is enabled. Just make it so you enter email, email sent with button verify email - like traditional sign up that folks are used to.