🤑 Sell your apps in the Template Store

The Template Store is now open for business!

You can learn about submitting templates, including review guidelines, best practices, and a pricing guide, in Glide Library. Some of you are already very actively submitting templates:

Here’s what people are searching for in the template store so far, if you’re wondering what’s in demand:

We encourage you to think very broadly about templates you could create. Don’t just make another store, employee directory, or instagram clone. Think of apps that businesses need, or apps for niche use cases: apps for veterinarians, politicians, farmers, manufacturing, media production, remote work, etc.

We believe this is a huge opportunity, and we have big plans to get your templates in front of people who need them. Those of you who can identify valuable opportunities, develop high-quality templates with well-organized spreadsheets, and create professional and compelling videos explaining your templates, will reap the rewards. Good luck!


Thanks for the shoutout and the search term analytics. Gives me some ideas!


Great, @david

Has anyone created a best practices for what “super clean google sheets” means? There are lots of calculations Glide’s builder simply cannot do which add all kinds of valuable aspects to a Glide app. So do these guidelines suggest that Glide’s template store should not include templates that use Sheets formulas? Or do you mean, “in any places where the calculation can be done in Glide’s builder, do it there and not in sheets”. The documentation is a little hazy on that point. If it’s the former, then even the most creative and complex All-Glide calculated apps would be held back from what they could do if they were supercharged with some additional sheets formulas. Would love any clarity on that.


Any way to submit a paid template without a Stripe account? Is there no other way to accept payments? Maybe PayPal?


Or Cash on Delivery (COD) option that would cater for small business need.


Great! Grandioso. Ojalá esto se mueva al mundo en español pronto para que más gente tenga acceso a recursos para solucionar problemas al alcance de su mano!


I made my first sale a couple days back, and it felt great! I love the template store, and I plan to submit as many useful templates as I can crank out. You’re probably already planning on it, but it’d be handy to make the Submit to Template Store button way more evident in the Glide builder.


I’d like to know how to easily submit updated templates too. A full re-submission shouldnt really be necessary in my opinion.


That’s awesome @david !
1.- Can we have a better search functionality? Search by maker, price, etc?
2.- When I’m previewing a template, and I go back, I go all the way back to my apps. Can I just go back to the template listing?
3.- When the above issue works, if I’m halfway through the listings, when I click back, scroll back to my last position.
4.- Maybe add the template’s description somewhere in the template preview screen?


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My input, apart from some of the things others have suggested (@eltintero, @kyleheney) would be to include even higher price points for templates. The current highest price point is $99.99.

Also, thank you for adding the search analytics, @david. Love it!

I’m not sure if one marketpace with prices from 5 to 500 or more makes sense. We might need to have different areas for personal and business use.


I’ve been thinking about the same@sardamit … maybe 99.99 + a setup/consulting fee?

Yes! #2 and #4 for sure! And the video? I guess we could add it to a help tab within the app…

Hello @david, thank you for the analytics you shared.

Do you have insight into what templates are searched based on whether the app is for personal or professional purposes?

If you do have that information and you can share it, it would be most welcome.

(Maybe upon opening a Glide account, one indicates whether the main usage of the account will be personal or professional? I cannot recall.)

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I have asked this question before but none answered me, I have template that are ready for selling but since they just accept Stripe I can’t sell them.

I think that will be very huge when credit or debit card be allowed and deposit fee will be directly to developer bank account


@Atif_Mellal only Stripe is available for now.

So basically as stripe not working in IL I can use the template store? As a template builder I mean?

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