Glide app store - Wiz’z spin on Glide template store!

  • Self operated multiple sign up mobile/computer/gadgets app/template store.

  • Admin tab visible to administrator of app only

  • Multiple developer accounts with dashboard for viewing latest orders

  • Multiple customer accounts with dashboard to view all orders/payments made

  • Built in functionality that enables same customer to order from multiple developer shops in the same transaction. They are then internally filtered by developer template, and sent to each developer’s dashboard as well as to their email inbox with instructions to contact customer to release a copy of the template (irrespective of whether customer and developer used live chat to communicate before purchase).

  • App store/show room

  • Search by developer

  • Search by price

  • Search by category

  • 1 on 1 in-app live chat with developer with instant push notification enabled ( tawk to )

  • 1 on 1 in-app live chat with sales agent (instant push notification) enabled ( taw to)

  • Upload template image or use default template

  • Add app template demo URL

  • Add template video demo URL (youtube URL)

  • Fully functional built in shopping cart (customisable too)

  • Stripe integration recommended (for non-PayPal countries)

  • PayPal integration recommended (for non-Stripe countries)

  • Single row orders

  • Reset cart/repeat orders

  • No Zapier integration required

  • Download the template, and start monetising!

Use Cases

  • Online mobile app store

  • Online mobile template store

  • Online mobile phone store

  • Online computer parts store

  • Sell developer templates/mobile phones etc, and earn commission.


@Wiz.Wazeer impressive work. Nices images just makes the app stand out beautifully


Thank you!

Just receive first order from you! :smile: :rofl: :heart_eyes:

Sure. But no :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

:sleepy: Okay we are in competition with Glide t store now!

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funny! I have never seen myself in that way before :wink:


btw… the prices shown associated to your real APPs on your template are right?

How much does your multi-restaurant APP cost for example? (that APP where I have a Subway restaurant)

Gracias Wiz, te ciudas!

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:rofl: :rofl: I making sure your always in business! I will not rest until you become a business magnet/tycoon!

These prices ( :rofl:) just sample prices. XuberEats is in the Glide template store $49.00.

But pull your apps on this one…Im integrating PayPal…I have the website already done…should be launching it this week or next week…!


Thanks friend!

To be honest, with these APP templates’ low prices I’m 150% sure that, in future, I am going to buy a template first and modify it instead of creating a new APP from scratch!!

We need to be efficent with our time and effort and Glide (and similar projects) has created a new way to develop and sell APP faster by accident.

Feliz dia @Wiz.Wazeer!

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I agree with you my friend! Pointless trying to reinvent the wheel! :slightly_smiling_face:

I couldn’t submit templates to Glide due to Stripe :frowning: but now I have a new option :joy: :ok_hand:


Nice app. Good use of global chat function.

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Yes upload all your templates. From next week you can sell them all. PayPal / debit/ credit card etc.

Thank you.

Tx for placing your order

Hi @Wiz.Wazeer, congrats’ !
Coudl you add an “Automate your growth hacking” module per template, so that we only have clic 2 buttons: “buy app” > “execute go to market” > look at your bank account growing on its own :slight_smile:

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Sure !

Thank you. Someone was earlier on asking for free template option upload. I’ve added that so you can upload all your free /Covid templates too.

Amazing @Wiz.Wazeer, amazing!

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Thank you :blush: