đź’ł Stripe script & webhook... & PayPal embedded buttons

Customized Stripe button, Google Sheet record, increment sold items… no third-party fees, no Zappier, no Integromat, you can use computed columns for this button.

This template includes 2 google scripts.

  1. create a payment link, that will expire in 3 minutes… no more worries that someone will use it after a few hours.
  2. webhook to get feed from the stripe and set your google sheet transaction to paid and increment sold items.

Templates come with the step by step instructions on how to install them in the script editor and Stripe dashboard.

The payment page will have your logo, item image, quantity, price, and total.
In our demo app, you can test payments using this card number:

4242 4242 4242 4242

PP c

for Paypal, demo app testing, use these test card credentials:

Test card:
Card Number: 4032030314099442
Expiration Date: 10/25
CVV: 741

:warning:to run PayPal button App on a cell phone, copy the link and open it outside the Glide forum… it will not work if you open it here!

Available in Templates Market

template market button

We can also provide live instructions via Zoom on how to install it.
Like all our templates, there is no block for duplicating or selling the template.


Does no 3rd party fees include avoiding paying Glide any percentage of transactions. If so, what does Glide think about this?

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yes, script and webhook are designed to work directly with Stripe and Google Sheets… no third party between, it can be easily adapted to any Google Sheets, based platform… also with some modification, it will work well with other payments solutions… like Paypal.

So you have written software code that accepts credit card data and uses it to complete the payment. Why should we trust you?

What are you talking about? It is a link and webhook script for stripe. Read my description… try the demo app, you will see is a Stripe page

So you are setting up a cash payment system with credit cards and become extremely defensive when someone asks if we can trust you. Like on what planet, dude?

how I’m “extremely defensive”? just asking what are you talking about? so I know how to help you to understand your doubts…
I assume that you don’t know what webhook is…
You have to get your own account with Stripe, get your own API… paste a webhook to your own Google Sheets account… there is nothing to trust me about… nothing goes through me. Is all between Google and Stripe. My template you will install on your own Glide account… and there are step-by-step instructions on how to connect with Stripe. The script will read Stripe response from payment, and set values in Google Sheets, that you can Display and compute in Glide App, without going through any other fees. Just Stripe fees. You own and control all elements.
The DEMO app is based on my own Stripe account in test mode, you can try and see, that is working and in a matter of a few seconds, you will have a result in App…
Use test card 4242424242424242 with dammy credentials

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This is great innovation @Uzo.
I don’t know what Glide will make of it. It’s unfortunate that Stripe does not work here in South Africa otherwise I was going to jump on this…
The challenge is now on Glide to find a way to protect their interests by trying to restrict this “innovation” as it may threaten their revenue streams.

Your price point however may be a challenge for many because you are asking people to pay $107 dollars on something that you don’t have full control over as Glide may pull the plug on this as soon as they see that it’s gaining traction and people would have already invested $107 without being able to recoup anything from that investment.
Nonetheless I think this is a great innovation and a great display of your skills. :clap::clap:

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Glide does not have any control over it, because the whole transaction is done in your spreadsheet and stripe server, also I think it will benefit Glide, by bringing customers that have their eCommerce stores set on websites or did not have their own yet, for sure there are many that will come to glide if there is no transactions fee, and they gonna get glide PRO subscriptions so they don’t need to keep rows under 500. I believe that many glide users switched to stripe or PayPal direct links once they started sealing more items, I just found a way to make it more comfortable.
I do not recommend this solution for beginners… it is a complicated setup… that’s why I offer installation consulting over Zoom… but if you have any experience with scripts and webhooks, you shouldn’t have many problems following my step by step guide with pictures that are attached to the template.


Hello, Uzo!
Can you modify the script not only for PayPal but also for other payment systems, Yandex Money for example?

Perhaps Glide doesn’t want to deal with payments in apps, that’s why they set such a large commission. They probably want to focus on providing their main service and not engage in payment support and all the possible problems that are associated with it. I don’t remember where, but they wrote: “Glide is not very suitable for e-commerce and we do not seek to occupy this niche” If I am not confused?


I will start working on PayPal version this Monday, then i can take a look on other payment solutions.

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Also, I’m almost ready with a full version of this app, that will have a shopping cart, inventory managment, double booking semaphore mechanism, and shipping rates webhook connected to USPS.

Hello, Uzo!
How long do you think it will take you to complete the work on the Pat Pal payment acceptance script?

I did not have time to do it yet, hopefully, at the end of this week… demand for the Stripe codes just exited my expectation.

stripe button button

PayPal for Glide
is coming… 20 hours of straight coding… looks good… 1 day more…

pm me for pre-orders…

and if you are afraid of scripts… spend 1 hour with me on Zoom, ill bet … you will never go back to Zapier or Integromat!


Is it available on your Code Book App?

Paypal payments for Glide are ready!

PP avatar background

to test the DEMO App, use these credit card credentials:

Test card:

Card Type: Visa
Card Number: 4032030314099442
Expiration Date: 10/25
CVV: 741

to run PayPal button App on a cell phone, copy the link and open it outside the Glide forum… it will not work if you open it here!
I don’t know why… I checked everywhere else… so fare only if you open it here it will not generate buttons…
I remember Facebook has had the same issue before… but they fixed it, now you can run Apps from Facebook messenger… no issues

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Good morning @Uzo , Frank Chavez greets you, I inform you that I was looking at your template and I see an error when generating the purchase, it does not allow me to enter the buttons, I am on PC and I tried it through an external link too, and it does not allow me to send you a screenshot of what is shown only an image appears loading and the new tab is closed

Thank you so much for that feedback… my goal for Paypal is to embed it to the app… but it looks like I’m gonna have to change it… unless il find a solution… did you try the Stripe button? Does it have issues with your browser?
I see you are on the Peru browser… let me check if my Sandbox is set for Peru customers