PayPal payment button

A PayPal payment button would be an easier way to sell online for nocoders that are not comfortable with Zapier. It would increase the number of Glide users, especially to those who don’t have access to the Stripe Payment Plateform because of the place where they live.


You could still do this…just make a button in PayPal, get the link or code for the button, and add it to either a Button or Link Component in Glide…done!

However, I don’t know if this is against Glide’s T&C’s. Maybe check them first!


Hi @elvirabtny

We have a workaround until actual integration (which we are given to understand is in the pipeline).

Please go to this thread for further information


Hi, I created my API to use paypal and pay normally, without where people can change the payment amount.
My APIs check the payment and write on the google sheet if the payment has happened or failed to create new actions.


This is great. You should be sharing your API with everyone. We need it. Can’t wait :grinning:

We can do a test, I would need access to the google sheet to write and read the data.

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This is the video

We need the API. Video no good to us. We need your secret :shushing_face: recipe !

Yes, but it is difficult to explain how the API works :sweat_smile:

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This is great. We will test it later on. I’ll set up a sheet !

I need all this data

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Now I’m stuck. How can I get a translated version of this sheet?

Column A: ID App Glide for generete unique link
Column B: Account PayPal
Column C: Goole Sheed ID for read and write
Column D: Sheet Name
Column E: Id Order generated from glide
Column F: Amount of order
Column G: Id order generated from PayPal
Column H: Payment Status from paypal
Column I: Order completed (true / false)
Column J: Id transaction for save data in case of connection loss
Column K: Link for successful transaction
Column L: Transaction error link


Thank you :blush: Sir!

How do you implement the API?

Did you create it? How?

I created a software that reads and writes google sheets, which communicates with Paypal and saves data.
Now I’m working on a part that will allow you to send newsletters and sms directly from Glide via amazon Ses and Clicksend.
Then I’ll work on the connections with Stripe.


These setups would be of great value to many in the community! Amazing work!

Tnx :slight_smile:
I haven’t tried to test it with external people yet, at the moment I only use it for myself.
If it works, I’ll create an app to sign up and use all the APIs created :slight_smile:


I am creating an APP to use the API :slight_smile:


Oh wow, this is so cool, Fabio! Would this work as a true PayPal Integration, requiring users to verify and reporting successful sales back to Glide?