Paypal Payment system fully integrated in Glide - Is now LIVE :)

Hi everyone,
I finally finished the system that allows you to receive payments via Paypal!
The system is fully integrated with glide, when you receive a payment, you can perform automated actions for example:

  • activate a subscription
  • mark the order as paid
  • enable the user to enter a new reserved area
    and much more, without the need to perform any manual action.

Unlike the payment made through, the user cannot change the payment amount, and when he has finished the payment, he automatically returns to the app.

You can test the system directly on your App, just activate it here:

Here is a short video of how it works:


Amazing! If possible can you share with us the steps about how you did that? I would so thankful

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The steps are very long and difficult, I had to create a script in php that would read and write the google sheets and communicate through the paypal api.
But the app I created on glide is used to help everyone, it can be used by everyone just enter the necessary data and you too can activate automatic payments on paypal.


Inside the app everything you need to do is explained step by step.

Impressive! I will give it a try later tonight for sure. Thank you for your amazing idea

Now I am developing an automation system to send newsletters and SMS.
I thought of it for the restaurant app I created, to allow the owner to send marketing communications for example:

  • Message to all those who bought “pizza margherita”
  • Message to all those who have not ordered for more than 1 month
  • Birthday greeting message
  • Automatic message when a subscription period is about to end.
    After that, I’ll move on to the Stripe integration.

Keep it up, truly inspired by your ideas

Hey Fabio,

Just to clarify, this is an external app to process payments for our apps and not something to copy into our own app to have a native checkout?


Yes, this is an external app that allows you to process paypal payments as if they were native.
You still need to add columns to your native app to connect and make it work

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Cool thanks

Hi Fabio, this is awesome , i think you have made my day !

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Hi Fabio, i was wondering , can i use your api to give access to paid users to my pro contents? I saw you’re using an excel sheet …can i use it on glide internal sheets ?The one i’m using right now ? Thanks

Yes yes :slight_smile:
this app is used to create your personal payment api with paypal.
You can use it just go here:
and create your ID by filling in all the required fields.

Ok , so your app sets up the ID for …
and the columns you name in your excel to be inserted can I reproduce them in my Glide’s table ?
That’s why I haven’t an Excel has a start but Glide’s tables …

no unfortunately you need a google sheet, it is not possible to write in the glide tables :frowning:

and if I create an excel sheet , can i import , unite to my Glide’s table? I see the relation…I do confess I’m a new bie…so take my words with a ton of salt…, in the meantime I found perhaps I have a google sheet already, isn’it? When I click Google docs is opening

Thanks for your api and your help.

Yes exactly, to make it work… the important thing is to have a google sheet with the order list

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Ok i’m going to try