Direct CashApp or PayPal Integration for your custom cart

This is a feature in one of my upcoming templates, but was super excited to share this! Many have talked about other payment options.

Using the new tab visibility feature (thanks Glide team!) and inspiration from @Lucas_Pires genius for onboarding, I was able to create a forced checkout screen after users confirm their cart. Two options include PayPal and CashApp payment based on their URL parameters.

Will upload a video for anyone that wants a tutorial.

Let me know your thoughts!


Lovely look, but can we get the payment information back to sheet automatically?


Wow this is smart! Would love to see how you capture data back in the app after a payment is made.


Same timing my friend :sweat_smile:


Haha I struggled with that one and haven’t found a solution bro.

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I haven’t done a deep dive to see if you can connect submitted payments to a Google sheet, I don’t think you can though, at least not for Cash App. PayPal probably so.

It would be killer to have it write back to the sheet! Specifically for this shop template, the user wanted to accept Cash App payments and had no problem listing submitted payments as “pending” until they could verify the payment.

As I continue working, if I do find a solution this community will be the first to know!


Thank you Lisa, I will let you all know if I can find a solution as well :smile:


Yes, please do!


There’s an app called RazorPay which has an API which allows us to do that, but I am not sure if this is available internationally.


I just found out works in Web View and it also sends data back to Google Sheets. It could be the perfect Checkout page using which we can confirm payments from users too.
Will be integrating this in a test app very soon.


Let us know how it worked out brother, waiting for good news :love_letter:

Oh gosh, that’s so awesome :drooling_face:
Anxious for the video!

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That’s really cool.

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Awesome!!! I’d like to see the video.

Thanks for sharing!

Was there every a video produced?

Thanks all! I’ll work on a video this weekend :+1:


Super! Please Lisa! I need your Tutorial!! Thank you!


Lisa, did you get PayPal to work embedding it in the webview? Or is it done outside?
How do you send over the shipping address to Paypal? Or that stays in the app?

I have PayPal open as an external link. I haven’t tried the embed view. The shipping address stays within the app. The toggle you see is a built in feature to pull in the user’s address if they already filled out the info in their profile.