Glide API System :)

I have created APIs that allow me to interact with my Glide app.
I entered paypal for automated payments without using, record the transactions directly on the google sheet and redirect to the app once the payment is finished.
Amazon SES is under development to send newsletters or single emails and Clicksend to send Single or multiple SMS.


Can you guide me in the right direction to do this? I’m having an app that needs this. doesn’t allow any intervention in the URL apart from the username, amount of money and currency. I need a solution that I can pass the rowID to the PayPal to record it in Google Sheets after the payment is done.

Is your method suitable for the case above?

Yes, my solution reads google sheet row, reads the amount and at the end of the transaction writes complete or failed.
Just configure the columns to read or write.

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Amazing. Can you guide us how it works?

Column A: ID App Glide for generete unique link
Column B: Account PayPal
Column C: Goole Sheed ID for read and write
Column D: Sheet Name
Column E: Id Order generated from glide
Column F: Amount of order
Column G: Id order generated from PayPal
Column H: Payment Status from paypal
Column I: Order completed (true / false)
Column J: Id transaction for save data in case of connection loss
Column K: Link for successful transaction
Column L: Transaction error link

I create a link to insert in a payment button that sends all the transaction data to paypal.
The data is read from the google sheet and is written when the transaction is completed

That’s great. I will have a look at it

It is active on an ecommerce that I have created: