Integration of payments with paypal directly in Glide

Update to the API I had developed, now it is no longer necessary to use google sheet thanks to the experimental code.

Now you can pay with Paypal and the app automatically verifies the payment within 10 seconds.

If you need to automate your paypal payments instead of using or other, you can contact me.


Now support multiple different PayPal account in the same app.
Only these data are enough:
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very nice.

  1. do you charge ?
  2. i am new to this. Is security is ok going through your website?
  1. I require a monthly fee for the server that has to manage many transactions every 10 seconds
  2. Yes, my API system only acts as an intermediary between Paypal and Glide, I have created an app approved by Paypal to manage transactions and you cannot change the email addresses / paypal amount in any way

meaning when we use your API that you are sharing in Glide, it is already approved by Paypal?

Yes exactly, just add the email address of the paypal account that is to receive the money on glide and my API executes the transaction.
I am now developing paypal recurring payments


If you develop something similar for Payhere or PayRequest, let us know!

I can try​:+1::+1::+1:

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If you want test it: