Indian Payment Gateway Solution/ RazorPay Checkout

Hello there, I’m showcasing you how we can able to integrate Razorpay checkout & API.

RazorPay Supports UPI, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Pay Later/ EMI, Netbanking, Wallet

I’ve integrated Razorpay’s payment link API.
Implemented on one glide’s template.

There are multiple ways to integrate this,

  1. In this demo app, App will send the Payment link on mobile a text SMS as well as on email address just in 4-5 sec. Customers can pay directly from that unique link.

  2. Retrieving custom url to app itself. So, generating real-time link is so easy, but fetching that link to glide needs in-app load facility. Only Pro Apps will allow that, you’ve to wait 7-10 Seconds for that. You can put a loader gif even. And then you can also put webview this pay link.

  3. If your products are less, then you can generate links at the time of registration for the first time.

I found it so easy and flexible with RazorPay. Even it’s API Documentation is too easy to implement.
You can generate unlimited links.

Here you can create Razorpay account