API call to make payments

I finally upgraded to Pro to make payments, however I’m a bit stuck on where to start??

I’ve been using Paystack to make payments up until now, however I’ve just been directing them to a Payment Page which isn’t ideal, as I have to manually check that users have paid and then send them the non-watermarked photos

I’ve gone through the API for Beginners

And I’m referencing the PayStack documentation on accepting payments

I built an integration with Make

I just don’t understand how to send the information back and authenticate

Do you have PayPal or Stripe in your country? I have ready scripts… so you won’t need Make.

Paypal yes, Stripe no
Paypal is a pain though, however open to try make it work

PayStack is owned by Stripe and is almost exactly the same

I have a working sample of PayPal and Stripe integration without any third-party platforms… just google script.

This looks great Uzo, do you have a tutorial for this?

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I do not have a tutorial… I have a template for Apps:

Unfortunately, Pages templates do not work, so I would have to do it from scratch in your account, or you can just copy scripts and logic from the Apps template.

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You might get ideas from this.

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Still haven’t come right?

Uzo’s solution uses Google Sheets
Roberts solution uses PayHere, however I’m using PayStack. It doesn’t look like you can send parameter to PayStack Payment page:(

It looks like I’m able to initialize the transaction, however I can’t seem to accept a payment?
It seems like WebHooks is the answer? However it’s beyond my technical ability

If anyone can assist, I would really appreciate it :pray::pray::pray::pray:

Is there an advantage of using PayStack over alternatives? I’m just asking because I haven’t used it and have used PayHere to integrate payments, especially subscriptions like Robert, when needed.

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PayStack is one of the largest solutions that is used in Africa and South Africa as Stripe isn’t supported there. Stripe actually bought PayStack, so it works very similar

My solution does not need Google Sheets to be connected to Glide, and it uses Google Script to handle transactions and send feedback to Glide. Also, it will record transactions and adjust inventory. All data stays in google sheets and can be read/written by Glide through the fetch JSON column.

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Thanks Uzo, but I really want to learn how to conquer this by myself. For me Surf Diaries isn’t a business or traditional startup. It’s a learning exercise

That is great… I learn my tricks the same way… lots of research, study, and practice. It took me two months to master payment solutions.

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To integrate PayStack payment with Glide, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a PayStack account: If you don’t have a PayStack account, create one by visiting their website (paystack.com). Once you’ve created an account, log in to your dashboard.
  2. Generate PayStack API keys: After logging in, navigate to the “API Keys” section of your dashboard. Generate a new set of API keys if you haven’t already. You’ll need these API keys to connect Glide with PayStack.
  3. Install the PayStack API plugin in Glide: In Glide, go to the “Settings” tab and click on “Plugins”. Search for the “PayStack API” plugin and click “Install”. Once installed, you’ll need to configure the plugin with your PayStack API keys.
  4. Set up a payment button: In Glide, create a button or link that will trigger the PayStack payment process. You can do this by adding a “Link” component to your app and setting the link URL to the PayStack payment page URL.
  5. Test the payment process: Before launching your app, it’s important to test the payment process to ensure it’s working correctly. You can do this by making a test payment with a small amount using a test card provided by PayStack.

Note: PayStack has detailed documentation on how to integrate their payment gateway with third-party applications. I would recommend checking out their documentation for more information on how to integrate PayStack with Glide.

I don’t see any “Plugins” tab? I only see Integrations?
However there is only Zapier and GA

Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 08.12.01

I never deal with PayStack, so this is general info… My expertise is Stripe and PayPal…
plug ins tab is on glide paid account

Ok I have been fiddling around and have come close
Here is my solution so far:

  1. Customer clicks purchase and it calls a Webhook through Make
  2. The Webhook makes a request to PayStack to “Initialise Transaction”
  3. The Output from the Init transaction is an Authorization URL, Access Code and Reference
    Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 08.03.13
  4. Then I am using a HTTP request to send the Variables back to Glide and Open up the Auth URL in Glide
  5. Check the grabs here

  6. However the Amount and Date don’t come into the app? Any API experts understand this?

Once the values come through I’m hoping that I can open that URL, which would be something like this then wait and do a seperate call to Verify the transaction and update the payment table

I don’t even see Stripe and Paypal and I’m on the Pro account?

You need to have business :wink:
That’s why it is good to know to code… I have everything for free and exactly the way I want it.

I hope Thin will help you with Make… I do not use these platforms…

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Anyone have a clue on why the amount and date don’t come into the App?