API call to make payments

I assume you’re not showing the screenshot for this? So in the first step, when the customer clicks purchase, you have to generate the URL for that transaction and get that back to Glide, then the user clicks that link and the transaction is made?

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Dohhh. I thought I attached the screenshot! :see_no_evil:

the results

The post Request

Can you describe your flow in more details? So are you using just 1 or 2 POST requests?

I was thinking the flow looks like:

  • The user clicks a button in the app
  • You generate a link for them and bring that back to the app
  • The user pays through that link
  • You get the payment info and bring that back to the app
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Yeh that’s about right, I will add more details to your explanation:

*** The user clicks a button in the app**

  1. Customer clicks purchase and it calls a Webhook through Make

*** You generate a link for them and bring that back to the app**

  1. The Webhook makes a request to PayStack to “Initialise Transaction”
  2. The Output from the Init transaction is an Authorization URL, Access Code and Reference
  3. Then I am using a HTTP request to send the Variables back to Glide and Open up the Auth URL in Glide
  • The user pays through that link
  • You get the payment info and bring that back to the app
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Ahhh I figures out whythe API was pulling weird stuff! @Robert_Petitto post here is a life saver for anyone parsing JSON from Make to GLIDE


Good! So it is working now?

Just putting the piece together, will keep you all updated and hopefully show people how to solve this for future

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In order to do this is Starter enough?

Normally we have Pro so that the call from Make would be directed to Glide Tables and sync to the user’s device faster. To be able to do that, you would need Pro to have access to Glide’s Basic API.

If you can live with a bit of delay in syncing, you can do it in Google Sheets, and that should be doable on Free or Starter.

Yes i can live with it , thanks for replying me , i have to say Starter plan is very badly built , a Starter plus is needed , 2 basic Api , public visitors raised to 300 ,white labels for 40-50…I would be in , with this AI Race this is not the time to have prices like those , lots of people i know are switching back to Wp with WpCode AI …Glide and all the nocode tools out there are not in the same position they were just in December 2022

Some really really useful suggestions from people here - great to see everyone sharing.

I was using payhere.co and overall it was really great for one off payments and while it did work for regular monthly subscriptions too, it was difficult to manage the process of cancelling people’s subscriptions. The main issue I had with the platform was having to export payment data on a regular basis into glide to update people’ subscriptions.

Since then I’ve used stripe which seems to work really well. As someone makes a payment it updates a payment table in google sheets and from there I used lookup columns with start and end dates to manage subscriptions.

They do send webhook payloads for cancelled subscriptions as well, I believe you can just add the right branches of logic inside the same Make scenario to process it.

I spoke to soon… bit stuck now :see_no_evil:

Challenge I have:

  • I managed to send variables back to Glide through JSON Successfully
  • However I was hoping to use the action “Wait for Condition” to open the URL once I receive it back from the authentication, however two things I noted:


  1. I can’t send variable back to a separate table: I was hoping to make a separate payments table with a list of all the payments. However, because I am making payments from the “Gallery” view, the “Wait for Condition” can only see the “Gallery” table. Should I just make Use Specific columns within the Gallery view that it looks out for?
  2. The "wait for condition"can only show a msg on success or failure? I was hoping I could add an action, such open open URL that opens the URL of the payment window?

If anyone could advise on how I can wait for the Make to send the variables back and how I can make an action to wait for this?

Still stuck, can anyone help ?

It will be much easier if you use Google Scripts… as I do… but this is my advice:

Get the webhook with payment info, and create an action depending on the response. I was doing that before I totally switched from Zappier to Google Script.

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Thanks @Uzo , will check this out

Do you think this tutorial is a good explanation how to use Google Scripts for this scenario

Just wondering I am not using Google Sheets, just using default Glide tables, can I still integrate with G Sheets?

No, I don’t see anything there that will help you with GAS for payments.

What you mean GAS?

Would it be able to do a relation > lookup and wait based on that relation/lookup?

Related to the thing above, I guess you can add an “Open link” action as the next step. If the condition resolves, then the next action should work.

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I managed to get a responce back from server, however I can’t match the condition the row that I’m busy with, it is matching the first row? And not the recent or one I am busy with?